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Penny Brohn UK Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, please help someone with cancer make the most of life.

Hi, my name is Manny….

I have a young son, Rabbie, who loves playing Lego with me, a strong supportive wife, Katy, who I love spending time with, and I have terminal bowel cancer.

Cancer can be a lonely place. It sucks your energy and your ability to face the future. Time that could be spent enjoying life with family or friends is taken up with hospital trips, intense treatment regimes and slow recovery periods. And even if you have time, you are often unable to enjoy it through the nausea of treatment drugs or the sharp edges of unmanageable pain.

“Penny Brohn UK has transformed how I live with cancer” Manny

Penny Brohn UK showed us that there is so much more support available than just medical treatment. The help I received made a huge difference to my mental well-being but also my physical strength and resilience to treatment.

Please give to this Christmas appeal and support Penny Brohn UK’s incredible range of support services for people living with cancer.

Christmas Appeal Stats 2
Christmas Appeal Stats

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