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Melanie’s Story

Melanie's Story

After her friend Ruth passed away from cancer of the peritoneum, Melanie decided that she wanted to run an event in her memory. Read on to find out more.

Patricia’s Story

Photo of our client Patricia in front of colourful background

After being diagnosed with breast cancer twice, Patricia has been able to find a support system through Penny Brohn UK.

Barbara’s Story

Barbara's Story

When Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 she came to Penny Brohn for support. Read more about her story here.

Jim’s Story

Jim's Story

Sandra passed away from ovarian cancer in 2017. Through our Living Well course and our nutritional courses, husband Jim and Sandra were able to find comfort and support through meeting other people in similar positions.

Rich’s appeal

Rich's appeal

An ex-serviceman who describes himself as ‘the roughty-toughty type’, Rich never imagined he’d find what he needed at Penny Brohn UK. Read his appeal here.

Annie’s story


A dry cough at the beginning of winter doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, so Annie was shocked when she was diagnosed with metastasised lung cancer. Read her story.

Claire’s story


Claire was a busy, full-time Sales Manager and mum to a small, vibrant boy and when her diagnosis was given. She contacted Penny Brohn to help her balance her busy lifestyle with constant appointments and found something enlightening. 

Sue’s story

A photo of our client Sue, in a garden

After reading about Penny Brohn over the years, Sue knew that if she ever needed support, that is where she would go.

Helen’s story


Helen was in her second year in Bath University in 2003 when she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Her story here is written by Mum, Viv Merchant.

The Dillon Family’s Story

dillon family

Cameron was 17 when he was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukaemia. His parents, Sara and Andrew attended the TYA supported Living Well Course and found that through the help of Penny Brohn UK they have been empowered to move forward positively during Cameron’s break from treatment.

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