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Book Review: Foods to Fight Cancer

Front cover of Foods to Fight Cancer book with green and yellow copy

Moving the emphasis from complementary dietary advice, to major risk reduction, find out what Dave Crosby thought about our latest book of the month.

Book Review: Blessed with a brain tumor

Photo of the book Blessed with a Brain Tumour front cover has a drawing of a brain

Will Pye’s book “Blessed with a brain tumor” recounts his personal journey of accepting his brain tumour as a gift. Jessica Lawler reviews this passionate book.

Film Review: Yalom’s Cure – DVD

Photo of a couple laughing and hugging

The subject of this engrossing biopic is the hugely influential and renowned psychotherapist Irvin Yalom. Reviewer, Finn Dempster explains what makes ‘Yalom’s Cure’ so intriguing. 

Book review: Radical Remission

Photo of Radical Remission book with blue background

Our book of the month this time around is Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. See what our client, Sally Light thought of the take on healthy living and recovery.

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