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Garden Plant Pot Painting

Garden Plant Pot Painting

Whether you have a windowsill, a balcony or a garden, painting plant pots is easy and fun and something you could have a go at?  Only a few materials are needed and then you can let your creativity go wild.  
If you’d like to have a go, below is some guidance to help you.

Macrame hanging pot holder

How about perking up the plant life in your home with this retro project?  Marcrame, once very popular in the 70s, is experiencing a come-back.  It’s easier than it looks and you can really apply your creative flair – go on, give it a try.


Darning is something few of us take the time to do but it can be very satisfying especially if you have favourite woollies (warm cosy socks, a lovely sweater that someone gave you) that you want to rescue.  Maybe now is the time to give it a go?

Stone painting

Painted stones

For an easy way to explore your creative side, why not try some stone painting. Perfect for something to do in the garden, on your balcony or just enjoying some down-time inside. Click here to follow these simple steps.

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