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Susannah’s story

Susannah's story

Susannah was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months after her wedding. Susannah attended the Living Well course with her husband between finishing chemotherapy and starting surgery. They totally embraced what they had learnt and how they could carry into their lives together. Susannah described Penny Brohn UK as ‘a real life saver’.

Kath’s story

Kath's story

Kath was diagnosed with metastatic neuroendocrine cancer of the small bowel in 2015. Despite the shock of being diagnosed Kath was determined to live life to the full with plenty of experiences and opportunities along the way. One of those new opportunities is volunteering for Penny Brohn UK.

Filomena’s story

Photo of our client Filomena and sister Maria at a black tie event

Filomena and her sister, Maria, were diagnosed with breast cancer within twenty minutes of each other. Together they received support from Penny Brohn UK; support which they describe as being ‘priceless’.

Mark’s story

Photo of our client Mark on a walk

The shock of being diagnosed with cancer left Mark with anxiety and difficulty sleeping. After attending a course at Penny Brohn UK he felt more at ease with himself and was able to sleep better.

Stewart’s story

Photo of our client Stewart in a cafe

Stewart was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his father passed away. Penny Brohn UK helped him deal with his grief and shock at being diagnosed. Stewart and his wife, Marlene, really appreciate that they can receive support together.

Mike’s story

Photo of our client Mike holding his grandchildren

Being diagnosed with cancer was the start of a rollercoaster for Mike . But having support from Penny Brohn UK, right from the start, was helpful when everything else was unknown.

Paul’s story

Photo of our client Paul in black and white

Paul’s life has changed in so many ways since he was diagnosed with cancer. Penny Brohn UK helped him focus on himself and he has become passionate about living well with a cancer diagnosis and using his experience for good. 

Margaret’s story

Margaret's story

Margaret was treated for breast cancer at GenesisCare and was supported by Penny Brohn UK to manage the side-effects from treatment and help her relax. She found her clinical needs and holistic needs were completely looked after.

Victoria’s story

Our client Victoria and her husband Stephen at a wedding

Victoria’s husband, Stephen, became seriously unwell following a rare side effect of chemotherapy. Support from Penny Brohn UK at GenesisCare helped Victoria improve her own wellbeing after such a traumatic experience.

Susan’s story

Photo of our client Susan on the beach

Susan took part in MoonWalk in memory of her mum who had died of breast cancer. When Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 she attended a regional Living Well course.

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