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Nutrition practitioners

Nutrition practitioners

The first in a planned programme of training for Nutritional Therapists:

Applying Integrative Nutritional Support in Cancer: the Penny Brohn Whole Person Approach

24th – 26th September 2020.

It is our intention to keep to these dates but pending clarity of our situation in the current pandemic they may be subject to change.

 Penny Brohn National Centre, Pill, Bristol BS20 0HH. 

Drawing on our 40 year history of working with people affected by cancer, we have put together a comprehensive 3-day nutrition course, designed to prepare registered Nutritional Therapists to work safely and effectively to support their clients during their cancer experience.

The course will cover:

  • Pathology, hallmarks and prevailing theories of cancer
  • Conventional oncology approaches and treatments
  • Evidence for the role of diet and nutrition in cancer, and the scope of nutritional therapy practice
  • Common dietary controversies and myths in cancer
  • Our unique framework for developing personalised, integrative nutrition plans to use before, during and after treatment
  • Practical examples and real-life case studies including input from Penny Brohn UK staff and clients
  • The role of nutrition within a whole person approach aimed at optimising resilience.

Nutrition practitioners

Nicky Robinson, Nutrition Lead, Penny Brohn UK: MSc Nutritional Therapy, BA (hons), mBANT, CNCH

Nicky has a lifelong interest in the role of food as medicine and a passion for nutrition research. At Penny Brohn her role includes nutrition services development, evidence reviews, facilitating client education courses and nutrition team management. Nicky also has a private nutritional therapy practice, and in her earlier career worked at senior level in ethical business and international development gaining extensive experience in the field of individual and community wellbeing.

Nutrition practitionersDr. Catherine Zollman, Medical Director, Penny Brohn UK: BA Physiol (Oxon) MBBS (London) MRCP, MRCGP, Cert Med Ed (Cardiff), Fellow Integrative Medicine (Arizona)

Alongside her work as Medical Director at Penny Brohn UK, Dr. Catherine Zollman is also an NHS GP, an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Bristol and was Clinical Cancer Lead for BNSSG Clinical Commissioning Group for 5 years. She studied medical oncology before specialising in General Practice and training in Integrative Medicine (University of Arizona). From 1996-1999 Dr Zollman was Medical Director of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine and co-authored a series of articles entitled “An ABC of Complementary Medicine” in the British Medical Journal. For many years she was a Trustee of the British Holistic Medical Association. She is a Council Member of the College of Medicine and is a regular organiser and speaker at their sell-out “Food as Medicine” Conferences at the Royal Society of Medicine, London. She is a founding member of the Steering Committee of the British Society of Integrative Oncology. She has a longstanding interest in medical education and in promoting and disseminating good quality research into integrative medical approaches. She believes that all medical encounters are an opportunity to help people understand how building their own resilience can play a key part of managing their symptoms and improving their health. In 2016 she was shortlisted for Outstanding Achievement in the Bristol Post Heath and Care Awards.

Nutrition practitionersDr Carol A Granger: DProf MSc MRSB CBiol FBANT

Carol is a Registered Nutritional Therapist practicing in London and Sussex. Her doctoral research at University of Westminster explored nutritional therapy practice for people affected by cancer. She is a chartered biologist with a degree in biochemistry and a Master’s in microbiology, and training in herbal medicine. Integrating nutrition and lifestyle interventions into cancer care is at the heart of her research and practice, and she works with a team of forward-thinking oncologists to support this. Carol participates in the NIHR collaboration on nutrition and cancer and co-chairs the Research Council for Complementary Medicine.

  • Registered Nutritional Therapists – Members of BANT / CNHC
  • Healthcare professionals with a recognised nutrition qualification. Please contact to verify your qualification.

(The course will assume a good understanding of nutrition science and practice)

  • Increased confidence to support cancer clients safely and effectively
  • Opportunity to learn from people living with cancer and a range of healthcare professionals
  • Practical toolkit of resources including guidance on testing and safe supplement use
  • Optional evening activities including a Cooking for Cancer demonstration
  • Deliciously nutritious lunches, networking and opportunity to stay overnight in a beautiful and therapeutic setting
  • Experiences of other self-help techniques used within the Penny Brohn model (e.g. relaxation, mindfulness) – good for your own resilience too!
  • Option to join the Penny Brohn Nutrition Practitioner Network
  • Opportunities to access further training in specialist cancer-related topics

To find out more and register your interest, please email

Early bird (before 1 June) – £500 incl VAT
From 1 June – £600 incl VAT

Dates are subject to change pending clarity of our situation in the current pandemic.

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