This month Move Dance Feel comes to Bristol. Launched in London in 2016 by Dance Artist, Emily Jenkins, this creative project is a space for women affected by cancer to come together and dance, expressing themselves through movement instead of words.

Why dance?
For some people affected by cancer, whether through their own diagnosis or that of someone close to them, expressing how they feel using only words is sometimes difficult. Dance and movement therefore offers a sense of physical and mental release that is not reliant on the verbal. It can unblock areas of tension in the body and alleviate negative thoughts in the mind.

Dancing also has a wide range of physiological benefits, such as increasing (feel good) endorphins, and improving strength, balance and coordination. No two people’s dance movements are the same, so Move Dance Feel offers a variety of ways to move, celebrating each individuals’ contributions.

Primarily dance is a social art form, promoting joy, connection and self-exploration. Move Dance Feel aims to bring you into contact with creative movement possibilities, as opposed to focusing on physical limitations which is so often the case in mainstream rehabilitation settings.

Move Dance Feel is guided throughout, so no prior dance experience is necessary. Each course starts with exploring different dance tasks and techniques so that you have something to draw from when finding new movements for yourself. Alongside the dancing there is also time for reflection, discussion and relaxation. This is not a dance boot camp!

Move Dance Feel has been running across three sites in London, with Macmillan Social Prescribing, Maggie’s Barts and Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, but this is the first time the programme will be offered as a weekend retreat.

Participants will arrive at Penny Brohn UK’s National Centre and settle in for a weekend of movement, creativity, reflection, peer support and nutritious meals – supported throughout by Emily and other experienced Dance Artists. This is a safe space to allow for self-exploration, or to simply take a break in a beautiful location with other women.

Join us for a taster session on 5 December or 11 January from 11am-1pm in the Alan Long Garden Room at Penny Brohn UK’s National Centre. Places are limited so let us know if you want to take part by calling 0303 3000 118 or emailing

Bookings for the first course, taking place in January, are now open.