Medical Students learn about Integrative Approaches

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Four prospective oncology students from the University of Bristol have arrived to learn more about Penny Brohn UK and how integrative approaches like our Bristol Whole Life Approach can help people with cancer live as well as possible for as long as possible.

The third/fourth year medical students have a packed programme meeting clients and observing the people who work here in order to gain a deeper understanding of Integrative Approaches to illness, health and wellbeing which they can apply in their future careers.

The four week programme has seen them learn about all aspects of the Bristol Whole Life Approach. The students have had the opportunity to learn more about integrative medicine from our doctors and therapists; experience our approach first hand by taking part in group sessions; and speak with clients on the effects that more whole person-centred approaches have on health and wellbeing.

Culinary Medicine

At Penny Brohn we recognise the importance of food in health and wellbeing and have developed our own healthy eating guidelines to help people dealing with the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual impact of cancer.

This passion for food is shared by Rupy Aujla, from the Doctors Kitchen.  Rupy has created the UK’s first ‘Culinary Medicine’ course with the Royal College of General Practice which aims to teach doctors and health professionals the foundations of nutrition and … how to cook!  

We were delighted to welcome Rupy to Penny Brohn together with a group of students taking part in one of these courses at Bristol University!  The “master chef” type cookathon saw four teams of students presenting a salad dish to clients and staff at Penny Brohn. The dishes were then judged by Rupy and our nutritional therapist, Victoria on a number of elements such as colour, attractiveness, taste and nutritional value.

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