Missing Library books

>>Missing Library books

We have a number of items currently missing from our Library. We love being able to lend our books to you but sadly we do not have the funds to replace all lost items. We have therefore decided to send out a monthly list of items that we cannot trace, to increase our chances of retrieving them. This list will be published here on our website, as well as in our monthly services mailer. If you would like to sign up to receive this, click here.

We have a trust-based registration system and generally this is being used to great effect. This system gives us a chance to send out reminder e-mails or letters when materials have not been returned for a while.

However, sometimes we can all simply forget about something and every now and again, books and CDs have been taken from the library without the borrower having registered with us. This means we have no way of knowing where the book or CD is, who took it and importantly we have no means of reminding the borrower to bring it back.

Sometimes books are also taken out from the ‘reference only’ section. We have now made the label bigger, so the books are easier to recognise as items that we ask to be left in the library at all times.

We ask that you could check your bookshelves for our lost items and send or bring them back in case you find them. Alternatively to this, maybe you own a copy of what we are looking for and you are happy to donate it to us. If you are we would be so grateful for your donation.

Here is what we are looking for this month:

  • CD Celtic Spirit by Terry Oldfield (disc missing)
  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • The Choice: The true story of a Mother’s triumph by Bernadette Bohan
  • Cancer Revolution by Patricia Peat (barcode 2433)
  • Radical Remission by Kelly Turner (2 copies missing, barcodes 2314 and 2277)