Join us for a wellbeing day

>>Join us for a wellbeing day

Come back to our beautiful National Centre and give some time to your favourite part of the Bristol Whole Life Approach. Four different days, each looking at one of the core ways to boost resilience, will help you stay connected and take the next steps after Living Well.

You might like the Body Wellbeing Day if you are still recovering physically from the impact of cancer and it’s treatment.  There’s time to look at managing energy and symptoms, ask your own questions about healthy eating and gentle exercise and understand more about what happens in your body through cancer, treatment and recovery.

You might like the Spirit Wellbeing Day if you want to explore what it is that brings you joy and lifts your spirits, and to find ways to bring more of these things into your life.  There’s time for sharing your ideas and experience, practising imagery and meditation techniques, and using creativity to make a deeper connection with the things that support you.

You might like the Emotions Wellbeing Day if you are looking for support managing the emotional impact of cancer and all the changes to your life it can cause.  There will be time to explore what feelings are, how you are feeling now, and how you can express your feelings, with practical tools and ideas including relaxation and imagery.

You might like the Mind Wellbeing Day if stress and anxiety or dark or intrusive thoughts are an issue for you.  You will find out more about the stress response and how it is related to patterns of thinking, explore ways to become more aware of your thoughts and how they affect you, and learn some practical tools and techniques such as mindfulness and meditation that can help you manage stress.

All the Wellbeing Days run from 10am – 4pm at our National Centre, and are open to you and your close supporters during and after treatment and beyond. As usual there is no charge – although we welcome donations!  Lunch is included. If you want to do two days together you can pay for bed and breakfast here (depending on room availability).

To book, call 0303 3000 118 or email Find out more here.