Recognising World Cancer Day

>>Recognising World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day! We are joining the online conversation, showing our Support through Sport and saying #WeCanICan.

Every February, World Cancer Day explores how everyone – individuals, organisations, and communities – together can help reduce the global burden of cancer. World Cancer Day has become one of the most supported international awareness days. In 2016 alone, close to 1,000 activities took place in over 100 countries.

Being active and choosing a healthy lifestyle are key to both the Penny Brohn UK ethos and the World Cancer Day message. The Support through Sport campaign recognises the unifying power of physical activity to transform lives, societies and the world.

Being active is an important part of staying healthy. Physical activity supports our bodies but also our mental, emotional and spiritual health. There are many ways of staying active – you don’t have to take up a sport or join a gym. Any activity that makes you slightly out of breath such as vacuuming, gardening, dancing or washing the car, counts as physical activity. Any physical activity that you can build into your everyday routine will help. Remember, that the exercise you enjoy does you the most good.

The lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system. It helps to clean the blood and fight infection. Unlike the circulatory system, where the heart pumps blood around your body, the lymphatic system relies on muscles squeezing the lymph fluid along the lymph vessels. Being physically active supports this.

You will probably have heard about endorphins. They help reduce pain and tension in the body and give you the ‘feel good’ factor. Endorphins are like chemical messengers which move through the body. Physical activity, or any activity you really enjoy, makes them more active.

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