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miller-greenWe are delighted to announce our new partnership with Miller Green, the Cotham-based kitchen that creates and delivers delicious food in central Bristol.  We support Miller Green’s emphasis on good nutrition, local produce and ethical fair trade.  Their delicious food is totally vegan and designed with complexity, texture and flavour but could also be the perfect addition to any meat or fish dish.

quinoa-buddha-bowlTo celebrate our partnership, Miller Green have created a dish, The Quinoa Buddha bowl, and will be donating £1 of the sale price of each dish.  They are also offering Penny Brohn’s service users a 10% discount on any meals purchased from them.

Sue Miller owner of Miller Green said   “We greatly admire Penny Brohn UK’s whole life approach and the emphasis on good nutrition, self-care and mindfulness. With the help of chef and nutrition expert Lou Marchionne, we have created a special dish, and will be donating £1 of the sale price of each dish sold to Penny Brohn”.

The dish was created with some fundamental nutritional principles in mind and contains a number of proven cancer-fighting ingredients.  It’s also delicious!

The dish will go on sale from Tuesday 18th October.  Ordering and delivery details are on their website or telephone 07910 765649.


October 17th 2016