Physical activity 1The Bristol Whole Life Approach recognises that cancer affects every aspect of our lives .  To be healthy we need to pay attention to all parts of ourselves – our mind, body, spirit and emotions. These are all closely connected and work together to support our immune system and it’s ability to keep us well.

Looking after ourselves on all these levels helps us to meet life’s challenges with resilience and function well in any situation. Our relationships, our work or occupation, and the environment in which we live, can also affect our health and our resilience.

Our Bristol Whole Life Approach supports you in all of these areas.  We offer a range of courses and services which include advice on healthy eating, physical activity and stress management. Our Approach works alongside any cancer treatments that your Oncologist or Surgeon recommends.

We believe that there are many things you can do to help yourself and take back some control of your health and well-being.

To find out more about our Bristol Whole Life Approach, book onto our Introduction Day or one of our Living Well with the Impact of Cancer  courses or call our Helpline 0845 123 23 10 for more information.