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Cancer changes everything

We offer our Bristol Whole Life Approach in different ways, to meet your needs at different stages in your cancer journey.

Whatever your diagnosis, whatever your situation, we are here to support you on your cancer journey and to help you live well with the impact of cancer.

Our helpline team can advise you on how we can help you based on your personal circumstances. They will be able to direct you to the bookings team where appropriate. In the meantime please feel free to browse the information on the website to get a sense of what we offer.

Helping you take back control

Our services are free and we rely on donations to make this possible. Download our Services Brochure HERE or click on the buttons below to find out more:



You may be looking at starting cancer treatment. Our Treatment Support Clinic was created in partnership with the Bristol Oncology and Haematology Centre and offers support to anyone preparing for, undergoing or recovering from chemo and radiotherapy.




We offer a range of courses to those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and awaiting therapy or are currently going through cancer treatment. These courses include; an Introduction Day, our Living Well with the Impact of Cancer course, Wellbeing Days and more. For more information…





Our weekly Emotional Support Group meets to encourage those with a cancer diagnosis to talk about their experiences with peers in a facilitated group session. We also offer Individual Sessions including counselling and massage therapy and weekly group sessions that include nutrition, meditation and music groups. For more information…




We have a small selection of physical activity videos and audio files, helping you to continue practicing mindfulness and wellbeing whilst at home. We also have a large selection of information sheets, containing advice on how to help yourself when you cannot make it in to the National Centre or to one of our regional courses. For more information…