We put wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

Our Bristol Whole Life Approach is central to our outlook on living well with cancer. The services we offer today are inspired by founder, Penny Brohn‘s own experience of cancer. She believed that she and others with cancer needed “care for the mind, the spirit, the emotions, the heart and the soul,” as well as the body.

This was the beginnings of our Bristol Whole Life Approach, using our Whole Person Model, which recognises that there is more to health than what happens in our bodies. To this day, we keep Penny’s vision at the heart of everything we do to help support people living with cancer.bwla-model-copyright-version-page-001-crop


To be healthy we have to pay attention to all aspects of our wellbeing. Emotions, mind and spirit are closely connected with our body and play a huge part in building up our immune system to build resilience and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.  Here are some of the things our clients said about caring for the whole person in our World Cancer Day campaign: