Every hour spent at Penny Brohn UK is a special hour.

As the leading cancer support charity based in the South West, Penny Brohn UK offers a unique source of care and support for anyone with cancer and their family, across the UK.

7F3W2853dPay for an Hour is your opportunity to make a huge difference to someone struggling to cope with the impact of cancer.

The hour you pay for could be the first hour someone spends at our National Centre and finds a calm oasis of support and reassurance.

Your hour could be the hour when music or art enables someone to express what they are really feeling. Or the hour someone finds they can make simple changes to their diet to have more energy and sleep better.

Or even the hour the healing touch of massage makes all the difference to someone’s mind and body.

Whatever your reason, paying for an hour at Penny Brohn UK is a wonderful way to directly support the care of someone visiting our National Centre.

There is no limit to the number of hours you can pay for.

You can pay for an hour in so many different ways:

To download the online Pay for an Hour form, click here.

For more information email us at fundraising@pennybrohn.org.uk or call 01275 310 074.