Winter Fountain


“I would encourage anyone wanting to learn how to help themselves and support their cancer treatment to find out about Penny Brohn UK.”

Jeremy Braybrooke, Consultant Medical Oncologist




“As a Cancer specialist and somebody living with cancer I can say that attending Penny Brohn made me realise I was not alone. I hope (and think) I will live better and longer as a result.  I am delighted from a professional point of view that my patients can also access this wonderful place.”

Raj Persad, Consultant Cancer Surgeon and Service user



“Having worked in cancer care in Bristol for many years I have seen first hand the significance and added value that Penny Brohn UK can bring to people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. For me, working in an NHS Cancer Centre, signposting people to Penny Brohn UK, informing people about what’s available, enables them to make their own choices about what they might like to access.”

Ruth Hendy, Lead Cancer Nurse, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust



“There is increasing evidence that diet, exercise and even meditation increase survival after treatment for cancer – help with all of these important aspects are provided by the Penny Brohn UK in a beautiful, tranquil setting.“

Simon Cawthorn, Consultant Cancer Surgeon